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  • National Post David Solway’s Hear, O Israel!: A Feast for the Conservative Mind Sunday December 20th, 2009
    Hear, O Israel! By David Solway Canadian Values Press (Mantua Books) 181 pages; $25 On September 10, 2001, Canadian David Solway was merely an acclaimed poet, educator, and literary critic, warming himself (and his unexamined 1960s-era left-wing views) on a tranquil Greek island. On September 11, 2001, he became a prophet. Watching the collapse of the twin towers on a televi...
  • National Post Sarah’s Story – by Barbara Kay FIRST VERSION Friday December 4th, 2009
    There is one subject no writer in the world, not even the most talented and eclectic, would hope to have as a book project: the death of his own child. Trouble is, when a child dies, a talented writer, especially one whose own life has been grist all along for his writerly mill, really has no choice in the matter. Not to write about her would be a form of withholding and rejection, perhaps ...
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